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We are the one-stop shop to handle all of your automotive maintenance and repair needs, including imported or domestic cars, as well as motorcycles! When it comes to automotive care, we’ve got you covered!

We Restore Daily Drivers

When you book your vehicle in for a maintenance service we inspect the vehicle from bumper to bumper and identify all wear and tear issues and provide you with a list of things coming up. Rather than try to sell you on the services “that day” we prioritize them for you in order that you may budget for future repairs and have full confidence that your vehicle is Safe, Economical and Reliable.

When you are ready, call us and we will book your next appointment.

No Surprises, No Stress.


We Can Help You With...



Steering & Suspension

Fuel Injection


Oil & Lube


We’ve got a team here that will diagnose your situation, satisfy your expectations and win your confidence.

-Bill and Tess Stafford, Owners


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